Events Calendar

Young Adult Group Name/Event Abbreviations:

BA - Basilica of the Assumption BFF - Baltimore Frassati Fellowship - SS. Philip & James Baltimore
CCSB - Catholic Community of South Baltimore CL - ChristLife Young Adult Ministries
CMOQ - Cathedral of Mary Our Queen CYAF - Catholic Young Adult of Frederick
EASC - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Crofton GB - Catholic Churches of Glen Burnie
IHMT - Immaculate Heart of Mary Towson OLPH - Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ellicott City
REC - Church of the Resurrection Ellicott City SAEC - Shrine of St. Anthony Ellicott City
SCC - St. Casmir Canton SHG - Sacred Heart Glyndon
SHMW - Sacred Heart Mt. Washington SIB - St. Ignatius Baltimore
SJC - St. John Columbia SJT - St. Joseph Texas/Cockeysville
SJW - St. John Westminster SLC - St. Louis Clarksville
SMA - St. Mary's Annapolis SMC - St. Mark Catonsville
SMML - St. Mary of the Mills Laurel SSB - St. Stephen Bradshaw
SUP - St. Ursula Parkville SWYC - St. William of York Catonsville
ToB - Theology of the Body Discussion Groups ToT - Theology on Tap